This is one of the downfalls of Macs going Intell.   All software developers have to relaunch their existing software.  One of the BIG guns is SLOW to transition.  Adobe.  So Sorry to all my peeps who l ive in this world like J-Rocka.  Gotta wait almost a year for Photoshop…

A version of Adobe Systems Inc.’s flagship Photoshop software that
will run on Mac computers based on either the legacy PowerPC or new
Intel platform will be available in the first half of next year, the
company’s CEO said Friday.

The software is one of the highest profile titles that has not yet been released in the Universal Binary
format that Apple Computer Inc. is encouraging software makers to use.
The format allows programs to run on both PowerPC and Intel-based
Macintosh computers. The latest version of Photoshop Elements, version
4.0, came out in February and wasn’t in Universal Binary because of
time constraints, Adobe said at the time.

“We are working very hard on making our products Mactel (Mac Intel)
compliant,” Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said at a Tokyo news conference.
“When we ship the new product Acrobat 8 this fall it will be Mactel
(Mac Intel) compliant. When we ship Photoshop and the Creative Suite
products next spring they will also be Mactel compliant.”