Mark Dever in A Display of God’s Glory quotes the interaction of a Japanese businessman with a visiting Australian (as told by Os Guiness)…

"…Whenever I meet a Buddhist leader, I meet a holy man.  Whenever I meet a Christian leader, I meet a manager…"  (HT:reformissionary)

Now I know this is a generalization.  When I first read it I was sarcastic.  Then I looked back and I was annoyed.  Then I read it again and was mad.  Finally I looked again and saw truth.  Is it me or is nearly every church conference I attend these days focusing on leadership and management.  I know I know.  I hear all the Northpointers already.  "A Church is a business!!!  We must run it professionally!!!"  OK.  I agree.  For the love of all things good and holy. Don’t put me in charge of the money.  But I think this Japanese businessman was closer than we want to admit.  If we are not careful, the American church will look more like a consulting firm and less like a Cathedral.  We should be careful.