8 hours.  That’s how long it took me to get from Fresneck to Riverside.  We did have a few poop stops.  Did sit in some So Cal traffic.  Did switch drivers.  Did stop to see uncle Rick.  But overall it was not that bad.  My kids were great.  My wife drove for a few hours.  I caught an hour or so of dreams.  But there was something that I could not get out of my head all day long.
You know those days.  Those days when you feel like you have worked your donkey off for a while and no one is appreciating you?  Those days when you are tired of being that "project" with lots of potential and wish someone would notice the finished piece you have become.  Those days when you feel like stopping.  Does anyone care?  Would anyone care? 
Now don’t fool yourself.  You had one of those days within the last 10.  I’m just telling you about mine.  Negative chatter fills my dome. 
Then comes 10:30 pm.  Roberto calls. 
Rob – "Hey.  Check your email."
Los – "Why?"
Rob – "Dude.  Just check it"
Los – "OK.  Hang on."
Then my jaw drops. 
Some people write you cards to tell you they love you.  Some people draw you pictures.  Some people write you love songs.  Rob, Leah, George, Jason, Eddie, and a few more build you vocal booths.  Yea.  Beginning at 8:30 this morning.  The entire day my mind was spewing venom into my heart.  Friends labored in love to tell me they love me.  So thank you guys.  It means more than you will EVER know. Sorry.  They are my friends.  You can’t have them.  My office has a freaking vocal booth in it.  Now time to record…