Come One Come All.  It’s gonna be a blast.  Pile in your rides and come hang out with us.  I will be teaching How to Effectively Impact Your Church and Community Through Podcasting And Blogging at the Purpose Driven Worship Conference this year.  I am pretty jazzed at the opportunity to get more of the worship leading world blogging and podcasting.  Podcasting for sure. 

Check out the lineup…Picture_5_4

Last year I met Randy Elrod at the conference and he is the one who got me blogging.  This is the first year they are offerring time focused specifically on blogging and podcasting.  I only wish I had more time.  It will be tough to squeeze the right information into such a short amount of time spread out over a few classes.  But I look forward to the challenge.  How many of you are already planning on hitting up So Cal this summer?  Let’s all hook up in the O.C. 

For all you Soulcast Listeners…It’s gonna be a PAAAAAAARTY!!!! 😉