This is from dude named Smay’s blog.  It made me smile in every ounce of my Macness.  Cute little Windows user.  He’ll transition soon……………………….

people still get what we once called "new car fever?" A completely
irrational, irresistable desire to buy a new car? I buy a new Toyota
every 10 or 15 years, so I don’t suffer from this particular
affliction. I am, however, suffering from Mac lust. I want one of the
new MacBook Pros. I have a couple of computers at work; a year-old Dell
here at home; a perfectly good ThinkPad. I do not need another
computer. But I want one. I have never used a Mac. Don’t look forward
to having to learn a new operating system or move back and forth
between Mac and PC.

want a Mac because they are cool. And all the cool kids have them. They
are sexy. There is no logic or reason at work here. This is happening
in the lizard part of my brain. I’ve thought about sneaking over to St.
Louis to the Apple store and putting my hands on one of the new
MacBooks. But that’s like saying I’ll just lie down on the bed next to
the super-model, but we won’t "do anything." If I walk in that store,
I’ll walk out $2,500 poorer. So I’m holding on. Like a junkie trying to
survive the shakes and chills and maybe in the morning I won’t want
that fix.


It’s Los again.  I would have to warn poor little Sway.  Or Smay.  The shakes and chills only get worse.