Donkey311pm. “Hey babe, wake me up when we hit Six Flags and I’ll drive.” See I’m the night owl. She wanted to drive first while she was still awake. I thought I would humor her for an hour. So I shut my eyes to the sounds of United pulsating in the Suburban.
3:45 a.m. My eyes open as we hit the final turn into my parents neighborhood.
If I haven’t said it in a while. My wife is the most selfless person I know. She let my lazy *arse sleep all the way from the armpit of SoCal to Fresneck. Thank You babe.
Now I’m wide awake at 4 am. Maybe I’ll call Eric. He’s on his way to work on the right coast.
I couldn’t help but continue rhyming.

frequently mentioned throughout Scripture. Of the domesticated species we read
of, (1.) The she ass (Heb. ‘athon), so named from its slowness (Gen. 12:16;
45:23; Num. 22:23; 1 Sam. 9:3).
Just thought I’d pop that disclaimer in before I get all 50 emails. But I must admit. Finding that image of the sleeping donkey made me smile. When’s the last time you saw a sleeping donkey?