I really like this world called Blog.  It was almost a year ago when I jumped in.  At that point there were zero Sandals Church blogs that I knew of.  I think Brandi had one.  Then I met The Great Blog Zen, Randy Elrod. Introducing me to this amazing form of communication.  Because he enlightened me to the powerful tool it is I jumped in head first.  Selling people on the power of this little world like I would make millions if I succeeded.  Only because I could see a glimpse of the community we were, after being able to succeed online in ways we could not in person.  I cannot physically spend every hour of my day with all the people I love.  It simply can’t be done.  But I saw an opportunity to be able to connect with countless people a day and when seeing them on Sunday, knowing all about their world.  It was amazing.  So I marched into the Blogattlefield.  One by one.  I told and convinced.  There are some who won’t budge.  Thinking it is a wasted of time.  Now there are more Sandals blogs that I can count.  And we all stay connected with each others lives without having to sacrifice our precious family time and time in general.  Let’s face it.  We live in a 24 hour a day go go go world.  It never stops.  These small squares of pixels have allowed me to pray and develop relationships with people I would never have had time to before. 
Now for all the naysayers out there.  Of’course blogging will never replace those valued real life encounters.  the point is not that.  the point is I only have enough time for 5 lunches a week and 2 nights a week.  Anymore and my family starts getting left out.  So yea.  I’m more sold today than I ever have been that this is not only fun, informative, and real.  It is necessary. 
Congrats to the latest recruit.  Janie Weybright.  Sandals Church Early Childhood Director.
Check out the new Typelist on the right pane.  We actually have enough Sandals Staff bloggers to have our own little Typelist.
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