Once when I was a pencil necked, Afro ridden juvenile I stole all of Joanna Shaver’s lemonade stand money.  Pulled up on my Huffy.  Acted like I was gonna buy a Dixie Cup full of summer goodness.  When she turned around to fill my cup I took the loot.  That might be the lowest I have stooped in all of my humanity.  Yea I’ve done some raunchy stuff.  But C’mon.  Stealing lemonade cash from a 6 year old when I was 10 still keeps me up at night.  Joanna.  If your reading.  Sorry.  Your probably 28 now.  And for your own benefit I will tell you I am now overweight and bald.  So I got what was coming to me. 
We all have that one moment.  Where we had no shame in our game  But this is WRONG!!!  Where have we gone as a nation when our heartland pulls stuff like this!!! 

These two pinnacles of morality falsely claimed to be the parents of
critically ill sextuplets and have been charged duping people out of
cash and other gifts.

What is your secret?