Kickin_ass"i can make you one guarantee. not only am i
going to kick cancer’s ass so hard that it’s sorry it ever messed with
me, but i am going to appreciate every single moment i have. that’s
really what this is all about."
The Bright Side

Derek goes to my church.  Derek is a worship leader.  Derek is 31.  Derek has a beautiful wife.  Derek has a 2 year old and a bun in the oven.  Derek has Hodgkin’s Disease.  He’s known for a little over 5 weeks.  It is my sincere belief that Derek will kick cancers ass.  Hard.  But I also believe Derek can do his kicking better with the prayers of the saints.  Let’s gather together and do this. 
Keep up with Derek’s ass kicking here. 
P.S.  Sorry for using ass 4 times in one post.  It just feels right to me. 

"I find myself admiring people’s veins.  My friend Justin has great veins for chemo.  I told him and I think he said thanks and laughed." – DP