First of all.  To my wife.  Just think.  It was almost this guy.  But don’t thank the player, thank the game. 
Your Welcome. 
Robbie was a nice guy.  But your kids would have come out WHITE!!! 
Oh wait.  One did.  That’s OK.  Most people say she looks like me.  Now at least I know what I would look like as a white woman.

Here goes my mother’s day tributes…

MeedMom.  Look at me now!!!  Even though you parted my hair like Arnold I
look back and realize you gave me the best childhood anyone could dream
of.  Happy Mothers Day.

Bridgette.  I mean please.  could you have hooked me up any more?  I highly doubt it.  Your nurturing has developed my wife into the most amazing woman I know.  Thank you…

And Heather.  Like the Fat Boys rapped in 1982, "One is black and the other is white.  They never get in trouble and they never ever fight…"

You are the best mother on the planet.  I mean that.  I watch moms all the time.  I could not have picked someone more perfect to help me raise my children.  Here’s to two more!!!

Mommy.  I know sometimes you think I want daddy more.  Thats not it atSobig
all.  He just gives me what ever I want, when ever I want and you just have to clean up the mess the next day when you don’t give in to my every desire.  I will love you forever.


Mommy.  There is no other mommy in the world that would know how to handle me and my emotions.  You handle me with the grace and ease simular to the way daddy plays his guitar.  😉
I want you to know that every time I scream or shout, it is only because I can’t wait for you to hold me and tell me you love me..  Oh.  and because daddy gives in every time.