Did my parents do this?  Did they bring us over to thier best friends house and turn on the BETA VCR to watch the last 4 hours of "The 6 Million Dollar Man" from 10 till 1:30 am, while Eddie and I were fast asleep in our pajamas?  Did they?  Did they?  I’m afraid not.  But something tells me that my dad was also not as obsessed with Lee Majors and Heather and I are about Keefer.  Dude.  Really.  I mean c’mon.  24 is the best tv show in history. 
We finally watched the last 4 hours of season 5 tonight and I laugh thinking about all the cheers, moans, groans, and gasps that were had.  Now I have to just hold my breath for 8 months until Jack wakes up in Shanghai.  Shang freaking hi. 
Now what do I watch?  C’mon.  Help me out.