It’s midnight.  Around midnight my shiney rock star carriage turns back into a pumpkin.  I sit on my sofa in my skibbs, grab the remote, and make the TIVO deliver me my Oprah.  It’s amazing what makeup does?!  Anyways. 
Oprah just called marraige the greatest consipracy of our time.  Greater than who shot JFK.  Greater than Watergate.  She said the reason she never got married was because she did not want, and does not want to sacrifice anything of herself for someone else.  For the fear of losing her identity as a strong powerful woman.  "Marriage has the potential to erode the very fiber of your identity."  Most of the time she uses her power to help the less fortunate.  Today she is once again proving to be more selfish than her giving sprees will ever afford her.  Maybe selfish is too harsh.  Scared would be better.  My heart hurts for her. 
Dear God!!!  I agree the Cinderella stuff is a conditioned and socialized dream.  But go to counseling for goodness sake!!!  Hang on.  I got to turn this crap off. 
Man.  Did I mention how amazing Oprah’s makeup people are?