6:00 a.m. – I only wake up that early if I get to play married man in the morning.  That is it.  For nothing else.  Nada.  Zip.  But this morning was an exeption.  Actually the marriage perk couldn’t have pulled my lazy self out of sleep this morning.  Not even that.  Then what did it?  The thought of my woman on the back of a HOG.  Yea.  Picture_11_1
It was the morning of our Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course.  Day 1. 
We piled the biscuit heads in the Suburban and drove them to a GREAT friends house.  Taking my kids at 6:45 a.m. will put you on the top of my list for a few years.  Thanks Jamie!!!  Anyways.  Off to Colton we went.  To the Honda Riding Education Center .  7:30 am we were filling out paper workPicture_12
promising not to sue Honda should my wife’s hand confuse the brake for the clutch. 
After about 3 classroom hours we hit the course.  They put us on these tiny Picture_6_1
250 Honda Night Hawks.  After 3 exercises Heathers legs still were not touching so she got moved to a smaller ride.  She scored a tiny Honda Rebel.  It was awesome.  She looked so freaking hot on that bike.  Needless to say I was ready to play married man.  But we were in leather and helmets in 92 degree weather.  Oh well. 
The course is great.  Two 8 hour days and if all goes well you do not have to take the DMV driving test.  They give you a certificate to take to the DMV and presto.  Your a liscensed Hell’s Angel. 
So after 8 hours in the blazing heat we rushed home and I showered and went to Teen Challenge to lead a couple hundred men in worship.  I was exhausted.  Next time it’s 92.  Go stand in a parking lot for a few hours.  It kills.  Not to mention riding around it with a really hot motor between your legs. 

Um.  That didn’t come out right.  You know what I meant. 

But leave it to the Lord to give the band such a blessing in these men.  If you don’t know much about teen challenge.  It is amazing.  A community of drug and alcohol adicted men down and out and in need of Jesus.  They always sing so freaking loud.  Tonight was no exeption.  I jumped higher, danced harder, and sang louder than I have in a while.  When we were done, we were spent.  But blessed. 

So there you have it.  All in a days work for yours truly.  Somebody told me tonight that they get dizzy reading my blog and how my life varies from day to day.  At first I took it as a insult.  Like, "Dude.  Grow up."  But then I saw the beauty in the compliment.  I have not become a young 30 year old, working father statistic.
I have found a woman who is actually LIVING with me.  Go read her blog and see what I mean. 
Heather.  Thanks for motorcycling with me.  Skydiving with me.  Ocean Kayaking with me.  Getting lost on purpose with me.  Driving to small towns broke with me.  Adopting our baby boy with me.  Climbing mountains with me.  Jumping off cliffs with me.  And just plain hanging on to me.  I know I spin fast.  But your grip is amazingly strong. 

That’s a lot for one night.  I don’t usually pull those journally things out.  But like my dizzying life right now.  It just felt right. 

Cause I’m a Cowboy, and on a steel horse I ride,