Miami tops rude drivers list; Minneapolis rated nicest in survey

Miami hosts the most angry drivers. That’s according to a new survey
that also lists Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles and Boston among the top
five cities for speeding, tailgating and cutting off other drivers.

automobile membership club AutoVantage says the most courteous drivers
are in Minneapolis, Nashville, St. Louis, Seattle and Atlanta.The telphone survey included more than two-thousand adult commuters in 20 major cities.Drivers
also admitted some of their own etiquette breaches: nearly all
acknowledge yakking on the cell phone and nearly two-in-three admit
sometimes driving too fast.A spokeswoman for the National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration says "human behavior is so
involved" in all types of crashes.AutoVantage suggests drivers try to stay calm and avoid eye contact with angry drivers.

Taken from Fox 12 Boise
Um.  Really?  I beg to differ.  I don’t think we are "rude" drivers.  We just know how to drive in the midst of chaos.  I mean really?  Atlanta drivers only have to pick from a big circle (285) Or 2 straight lines (75, 85).  It is not "nice" the way they drive in Atlanta.  It is merely, auto pilot.