Picture_3_9This is my take within the conversation below…

Wow.  Thanks guys.  KEEP them coming.  So I am seeing a trend here.
1.  Simular Life Stage or Interest.
2.  Real Community Trhough these things called Blogs.  Wow.
3.  Consistantly changing content. 

I think there are some sub points here but overall this is where we are heading. 
Great comments. Spread the word to your "non blogging" friends who are
blog stalkers. I want to hear from them. Albee. Where you at?

As far as mine. 
Top 3 in no particular order. 
1.  Flowerdust.net – http://www.flowerdust.net – Community. 
The wierdos that end up there make me feel like there are more like me.
She doesn’t have to post daily but her comments keep churning. That is
a sign of good content.
2.  MaxWax – http://homepage.mac.com/maxwax11/iblog/ – Content and Photos.
I won’t lie. The asian brotha from anotha mutha is living my dream. I
wonder how many other Mexican fathers read about Super Chick every day?
3.  DustinBryson.com – http://www.dustinbryson.com – Style, Concepts, Quality.
I covered his blog on one of my early podcasts. He is an amazing
designer, film maker, pastor, and disciple of Christ. I’ve never met
the guy and I consider him a friend. That my friends, is why blogs are
changing our communities.
This ain’t yo mama’s AOL.