I find it frustrating and amusing at the same time.  This job of mine.  Not all aspects of it.  Just this one.  The one where people think all I do is show up on Sunday and play.  Now I know we all have facets of our jobs where this occurs.  It just never really hit me until today. 

My good buddy Moi and band led Sandals in worship today.  They were off the hook, loud, and on.  I introduced them and did announcements.  As I mingled with the various tattoo laden brethren at the 11 o’clock service I kept being presented with one question.  It was more a statement than it was a question.  Which I think bothered me more.  “Hey Carlos!!!  You took the week off huh?”  Or.  “Los!!!  Where did you go this week?  Were you out?”  Or.  “Hey pastor Carlos.  Skipping work this week?”
I tried to find quick and creative ways to stuff in the 60+ hours of work I did into a response.  But to no avail.  Everything in me wanted to document what it is I do at Sandals.  But I realized something today. 

All the work I put into counseling, arranging, creating, and relationshipping is not for the world to see.  I should do it for Christ’s glory.  And that alone.  Perception is reality.  No amount of propaganda is going to change that.  So I guess my response needs to be…”Yea.  It was awesome being able to chill at Starbucks 8 hours a day.”  Because no amount of verbiage will convince otherwise. 
I love my job.