I know.  I know.  I only recently asked you guys to make sure your links read "los.typepad.com" 

But alas.  The inevitable is upon us.  I am about to make the big move.  Sooner than later I will be leaving the wonderful land known as Typepad.  She has been good to me.  She really has.  But my blogging needs are pushing the poor dame to her limits.  So soon and very soon, Ragamuffin Soul will be leaving typepad.  So I need your help one last time. 

Please Please Please.  Change the links you have on your blogs and websites to www.ragamuffinsoul.com, because when I make the switch I want you all to come with me.  www.ragamufinsoul.com already points here. 

So here is the deal.  I am looking to gain a few more links off this move.  So if you currently link to me, please change the link to www.ragamuffinsoul.com

If you currently just visit and do not link.  Please link. Or not.

But if you currently visit and do not blog.  BLOG!!! 

So thanks guys.  Please spread the word if you run across any "los.typepad.com" links out there.  And don’t worry.  I will be hunting you all down personally this week.  Look for me in your inbox…

Thanks Ragamuffins,