Seeing that the Confessional has me all but cussing right now, I thought I might spare you my current thoughts and recap one of my favorite posts from back 7.26.05…Enjoy…Los

–  The Troubadour.  Mrazshow1

Just as stinky as I remember it. Smell of spoiled beer. Stains of God
knows what on the walls and floor. Mike the security guard sitting on
his stool telling the same jokes.

AUTHENTIC BAND– Last night was off the hook. 200 people
shoulder to shoulder listening and staring at Mraz pull off his magic.
He was amazing. He played the album in order of the track listing. A
pretty big no no in the industry but this wasn’t an industry show. It
was family and friends and me. My brain hurt from watching all 6
musicians perform a ballet around each others parts. It was beautiful. Dsc03856

AUTHENTIC MRAZ– I have not seen Mraz in this type of
situation before. Most of the 200 people there he seemed to know from
one place or time. I heard he invited 100 people himself. So he felt
really comfortable. In his comfortability he cussed a lot. He made very
sexually prolific jokes. He cussed some more. He sang like a freaking
angel. He admitted to self healing the pain in his broken arm before
the show with some home grown medicine. He played flawlessly. He led
the band. He flirted with a 16 year old. She flirted back. He made me
want to write. He flowed like an MC. He cussed some more. And some
more. He made me want to cuss. I might have. He was real. It was

You all know these people. They were all at the after party. “Hey
Jason!!!! Man I think you are the BEST!!! You know my cousins, aunts,
sisters vet. Can you be my best friend?” You know who they are. I love
watching them and watching Jason’s face. He has to deal with that every
night. I wonder what that feels like? People smiling at you all the
time just so they can get their piece of the pie. At least they don’t
act like they are something else. They play the part well. We even
started playing the part. Bushwalla
has no idea who we are. We had no idea who he was before tonight. His
music was good. Not AMAZING. But I guess thats why he opened and didn’t
headline right? But at the party he came over and wouldn’t you know it,
we started acting like little bushwallas…”Can we take a pic with you
hero?” A stretch, but we might as well have said it. Dsc03858
All this authenticity got me thinking. Who is the real me? Who is the
real you? The ragamuffin? The one behind all the self fabricated hype?
Something in-particular tonight really got my mind racing.

AUTHENTIC YOU– My vocal teams have developed a new strategy
for improvement. We record the vocals at each service with no
instruments around them. Just our raw voices with no love placed on the
reverb knobs. I tell you what. Things get exposed. When it comes down
to it, the vocals sound great with the band behind us. But when you
take the beauty of the music away you get raw, uninhibited,
authenticity. I am convinced that this is true in all areas of life.
Take me for example. Take one hour of my day today. I walk into the
office for rehearsal with my shaved head and black framed glasses while
my shirt that is one size too small lays neatly in it’s “Front tuck”
position. I have my red trucker hat pulled way down over my eyes and I
proceed to sing this new song for the team with this nice raspy sexy
voice. So what would the Authentic Carlos have looked like in that
moment in time?
I would have walked into the office with my receding hair line and no
glasses because I can see pretty darn good without them. I would wear
the extra large shirt my body obviously fits into without trying to
look “buffer” in a smaller shirt. I would have completely tucked in my
shirt only to give away the bigger than my waist size belly which would
more than likely hang over the edge of the belt. My hat makes my
profile look better because it makes my head look smaller to me. I
would have sang the melody to the song 2 keys lower than I rehearsed it
because the truth is I am a baritone anyways. I must face the fact that
tenors are just plain cooler and I always sing tenor because I want to
be cool.
Man. That is an ugly reality. But it is true. Who we are under all the
“music” is what we must get to know hence we lose ourselves in the
ideals of society. I’m not saying I am against fashion and looking
cool. Tomorrow I will again resume the front tuck. But we have to be OK
with our Authentic selves. The flabby out of shape studs and dames we
are. As long as we are comfortable with ourselves in God’s eyes then
let the front tucks and black outfits hide all the fat they were meant
to hide. I just think that we spend too much time “behind the music”
when the reality is we would be healthy to live life a cappella once or
twice a month.
Considering the Side Tuck,
Dsc03865…go buy it