3 pm.  Thursday afternoon.  99 degrees.  Front Seat.  ’98 Toyota Camry. 
Poor Rick Munchow.  I know he always is being asked for his "answer" on things.  He’s been doing it for a lot longer than me.  So I chewed on his ear for about half an hour in my car.  Not literally.  Gross.  But he took time to calm my spinning mind.  Now I can’t even remember what I was stressed about.  Guys like that are God sends.  They give back to the homies in the hood.  Good start to my end of the week Starbucks vacation.  I take these every Thursday at 3.  Get’s me ready for the weekend.  But little did I know who would be waiting through those tinted doors. 

I shuffle to my regular corner spot next to the slammers.  But there are people in my spot.  They are in my spot.  Cool.  No shame in my game.  I sat right next to them.  4 ladies.  All over 70 jawing it up about God knows what. 
I love old people.  I don’t know why.  They just entrance me.  I had to know what was sooo exciting for them.  So I spied.  Photo_58
I stuck my headphones on, opened up Garage Band, activated my internal mic, and turned it up. 
They were trying to figure out how to turn on the ringer on one of their cellies.  No Way.  This was GREAT.  I bobbed my head to make it look like I was jiving to some beat.  The ring leader, Louis was on the phone with someone from Verizon and was looking more and more frustrated as the seconds ticked by. 
Suddenly on of the others pointed at me.  "Him.  He looks like he knows about that stuff.  Look at his computer for Christ’s sake."  Then, with my head falsely buried in make believe work I looked up smiling. 
"Excuse me son.  Could you make our phone work?" Suddenly the phone belonged to all of them. 
"Sure ma’am" I responded.  5 seconds later…
Ring a ling a freaking ling.  Yea.  Insert Enrique Iglesias "Hero" here. 
I have not seen that look of total awe since Janet’s boob fell out.  They were elated.
"My God!!!  I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with Verizon and they couldn’t do a G@d Da#$ thing.  You grab it and presto!!!  Your magic son!!!"  Yea.  I will take it from anyone.  So I soaked it in.  Humbly offering my services wherever they were needed.  Cell phone numbers were exchanged.  Hugs were had.  No lie.  And they bought me a Carmel Frap.  One of the cuties looked at my laptop and told me her son was one of the VP’s for Apple.  Uh huh.  Sure.  They all raved about him. He runs the whole thing.  Uh huh.  So in mid sentence I googled.  There he was.  I turned the screen.  "That’s my boy!!!  How did you do that?  That is why I won’t let John give me one of those things.  They might be able to find me."

I did not ask who "they" were. 

So John Couches mom.  I did not know who he was only moments earlier.  Yea I got her cell number.  Are you crazy? 

We are all having Sunday brunch at Cal Baptist this Sunday after church.  Feel free to say hi.  I told her to bring her phone if she needed  anymore help and to make sure to tell her son my heroic story. 
I have to try right?
Long story long.  I asked them if I could take their picture with my laptop.  The looked at me strangely but obliged.  Here are my new friends.  Louis, Clarice, and Helen. 



Go make a new friend.