Something happened to my in ears.  Suddenly the loop playing over "Revolution Cry" was louder thanE4
sin.  I couldn’t hear anything but, "PADADADADADADADADADA!!!!!"  It was on my ear drums.  So I yanked my monitors out of my ears hoping to save my hearing.  No.  It was that loud in the house as well.  $%$#@$!!!!!  We kicked and flailed through the song.  Everything felt wrong.  Big Ending……., "Thanks for coming tonight Sandals Church!!!  Don’t forget to help stack your chairs!!!"  This was the ending to a relatively good day.  Usually we knock it out of the park Sunday night.  Tonight we got hit out of the park by everything that could have gone wrong.  Media Shout didn’t work, DVD bumper video didn’t play.  When it was all said and done I shrugged it off as an off night.  That’s it.  Another Sunday is coming next week.  And the week after that. 
Than some good looking dude came walking to the stage.  Smiling.  Obviously heading in my direction.  So I put on my nice pastoral fake end of the day smile and stuck out my hand. 
"Hey.  Great job tonight.  My names Steve."
"Hey Steve.  Thanks.  I’m Carlos."
The whole time thinking he really did not mean great job.  Because we sucked tonight.  But I really didn’t care.  I was tired.  But it was nice meeting the dude.  No matter what lies he told.  I was about to prematurely end our conversation when I looked him in the eye once again.  Oh Crap.
"Steve?  Big Tent Revival Steve?" 
"Yea.  That’s me.  We should hang out sometime." 
OK.  Here is the meat of this little post.  Suddenly I cared a whole lot more about what he heard tonight that I did before.  I was embarrassed we sucked so bad.  I was embarrassed the video didn’t work.  I suddenly was caring a whole lot more than before. 
The conversation went on.  I realized we have mutual friends.  Randy from People’s Church.  Some other Re:Create buddies.  And we are going to hang later this week.  Turns out he works at Harvest Christian Fellowship down the street. 
The point isn’t the chance meeting with a great musician and vocalist.  It was that I should have cared equally that 500 people tonight got that bad of a service.  I shrugged it off.  I shouldn’t have. 
Now I know we are family.  Most people tonight knew we didn’t represent our A game.  But there were lot’s of guests.  And I must remember that although I do this every week, There are many who are entering these doors to a church for the first time.  Let’s not forget who it is we work for Carlos.  Do everything as if unto the Lord. 
Steve.  Nice to meet you. 
Church.  Sorry I shrugged you off tonight.  You guys sang so freaking loud in spite of our suckiness.  You always do. 
Much Love Sandals.