I’m sitting in Kaiser 24 hour pharmacy right now. I walked in not happy that I had to come pick up a prescription for pink eye. Not for me. For my So. So here I sit pissed. In wheels this lady, about 40 years old. She looks like she weighs 80 pounds. The man who wheeled her in looks like her father. He must be about 80. As I sit here in my pity, she is crying. 2 feet in front of me. She is whispering on his shoulder that she does not feel like doing "this" anymore. He is smiling ear to ear playing with her hair and quite loudly telling her she does not have a choice. He is not going to let "it" get her. He is strong.
I don’t know what "this" or "it" is. I know it hurts her bad. I know that her dad hates it but believes his truth more than he believes "it’s" truth…
Oh.  My name is on the screen.  I get to go home to my pink eyed little girl now.  What a reality check.