1:26 am. One question. Even when Superman was dying, how the heck did that curl stay so freaking sweet?
The day was long. 6:30 a.m. Sandals Church Office.
1:29 am. 4 smelly hairy men sharing 2 beds.
How could life get any better?

Session update…
Wow. The class was PACKED. It was soo encouraging to see so many people ready to take another step in communication. Here is the bummer. How in the world can you fit blogging and podcasting into one session? Answer. You can’t. So I really did not try. Most of the people had not even visited a blog before. So by minute 20 I saw heads spinning. I slowed it down and began the practical side of things. How to Blog. Where to Blog. What to Blog. LOT’S of questions were covered. Podcasting definitely got the short end of the stick. But I think you have to know blogging before you jump in podcasting. So all in all I give the class a B. Not because of the information given. Just because I truly need 2 classes. One for blogging and one for podcasting. Actually 2 for both. But by that point you would have to call it the Purpose Driven Blogging Conference.

My throat is on fire. Singing 4 times today and then teaching an hour tanked my already flailing chops. Pray I can make it through tomorrow’s class.

The team is having a blast. Already ran into MANY Ragamuffin Soulers.

I wonder how dirty this hotel comforter is?
(HT: Pat for the pic)
PPWC Session 1 Notes

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