From Wikipedia…
In the music industry, a record producer (or music producer)
has many roles, among them controlling the recording sessions, coaching
and guiding the performers, and supervising the recording, mixing and mastering
processes. This has been a major function of producers since the
inception of sound recording, but in the latter half of the 20th
century producers also took on a wider entrepreneurial role. These
activities comprise music production (record production)….

For the next 72 hours I will be spending my life before 2 computer screens with…
some sweet tea in my left hand and a mouse in my right.  Headphones on my dome, and only candleImg_3903
light.  Stuffin’ my poor friends in that closet called a booth, tellin’ them "sing Img_3898higher", "pinch a penny", just don’t poot.

Where did that come from?  Anyways.  I am in the process of putting together a project called "The Confessional".  It is going to be a singer/songwriter showcase at the Wallace Theater on June 25th.  We have rappers, singers, sculptors, painters, and so much more.  It should be an amazing night of artists confessing their souls through their gifts.  The catch to the whole night is that I am putting together a Compilation disc of some of the top singer songwriters that evening called, of’course, "The Confessional – vol.1".  So this week I’m laying down all the guitars and some vocals.  So far it has been a blast.  The cool part about it is that Img_3904
most of these REALLY talented people have never set foot in a studio.  So the nervous energy has been able to be channeled into some good stuff.  Normally I am on the inside of the booth.  I am trying to polish up on my outside the booth skills.  So far I am pretty impressed with where the songs are going.  Kris, Sarah, and Marcus were all great at taking a beating today.  Actually Marcus nailed it.  The dude opens his pie hole and you’d swear Tracy Chapman is hiding all up in that mug.  He nailed his vocals.  GREAT job Marcus.  I have to be careful not to payback these guys for all the abuse I’ve taken on the other side of the wall. 
I’ll fill you guys in on the status and maybe even sneak a peak at a track or 2 before the weekend. 
Coveting your prayers.