SlademeEven the Bass Lake Recreational Resort has wifi. What is this world coming to?
This part of our country reminds me of Slade.
Summer of ’95. 2 rednecks. (Wow. Freakishly skinny rednecks) 2 guitars. Lot’s of hispanic gigs. We drove across the freaking country playing and singing our little songs for anyone who would listen. Mostly cute little hispanic women. Every once in a while a slap yo mama young one too. We hung homemade posters of ourselves in the Accords windows as we flew across the 40. We vowed to eat Micky Dee’s every meal until we won the big one in Monopoly. We did. Eat at McDonalds. We showered at the KOA’s. We made lot’s of racially dangerous wrong turns. We ran out of cash. But we had the summer of our lives.