Post #1 July 19th 2005

Ragamuffin – (As Described by the great Webster) A shabbily clothed, dirty child.
So do we dare admit to it? Admit to the fact that each of us has a little ragamuffin in us all? Even the most beautiful of dames to the funkiest of trailer trash. You see the Truth is that we are all Ragamuffins. Not just a part of us. But all of us. I of course do not mean to assume that there are not some of us with nicer rags than others. Some of us wash our rags so much that although there might be clean they are in a lot worse condition than those of us who just admit we are dirty and in need of saving. I am not only in need of adoption, cleaning, and saving on a daily basis but I am in need of others who are willing to call themselves Ragamuffins for the sake of living what is meant to be a existance depending completely on God to clean, cloth, and lead us. Let’s take a journey toward true dependance. I get to seek after it with music and song.
“Give ear to my words, Consider my sighing Lord. Listen to my cry” – Psalm 5
Lets learn to live as Ragamuffins learning to trust God’s provision although we are homeless until He takes us home.

So one year ago tomorrow I started this place called Ragamuffin Soul. My first blog. I can’t believe I’m still doing it. The honest truth is you guys make it worth it. I have made so many real friends through blogging and have made great connections as well. And my church. Man. By us blogging together I am WAY more connected to your lives than I ever could have been before. Here are some interesting facts.

Computer Stats
This year I have posted 387 times. I have had 1.635 comments. Over 30,000 visitors have come by.
60% of you come by here on PC’s. 40% of you come by here on Macs. 40% of you look through the eyes of Firefox. 40% through I.E. (Which means you don’t see this site correctly. Ahem…)20% or so with Safari.
95% of you are from the Red, White, and Blue. 1.5% from the UK. 1% from Canada. 1% from Turkey (Derek you should really stop inflating my Turkey stats) .5% from Austrailia. And the rest from places like Yemen and India and far off lands.

Interesting Google Search results landing people here…
“saliva smells of moth balls”
“kkk rope”
“justin adams saddleback gone” 😉
“christian thoughts about where’s the beef”
“bakersfield strippers”
“kick in the nuts sandal woman”

My top 10 blog pimpers are…
777 Souls with 2.5% of my traffic.
The Rockalot Blog with 1.5%.
Kristiapplesauce with 1.3%.
Ethos with 1.3%
Flowerdust with 1.2%
DJ’s Girl with 1.1%
Whittaker Woman with 1.1%
J-Rocka with 1.1%
Geek Tom and m with 1%
2 Blonde Boys with 1%

Thanks guys for the link love

So I would like to make this blog better this next year. What are some of the posts you guys enjoy reading the most? What would you guys like to see more of? Let’s make this community better. Let me know.