Me Update – After driving all over the IE picking up stuff for our Adoption Fundraising Rummage Sale in the morning I headed to urgent care. My throat is literally on fire. I can barely swallow my own saliva. Of’Course he could not see anything so doc did a throat culture and he thinks it might be strep. Suck.

PDWC Update.
Well it’s over. I met so many wonderful people and reconnected with lot’s of old friends.
The blogging and podcasting sessions taught me a lot. For sure you MUST have a beginner and advanced class separated. As well, a hard wired connection would be useful as the wireless at the Saddleback was iffy at best. None the less the people who attended the class were enthused and challenged to take their communication to another level. That is all I could ask for. I will link to some of the new blogs tomorrow.

Picture_8Rick’s new book is really really good. It’s like a goldmine of that dudes dome from the last 20 years. If you do what I do for a living. Go buy it.
The music was OK. I liked the dude who opened for Mercy Me. His guitar player was WAY bugging though. At one point, bro walked to the front of the stage and lifted his guitar to the sky. MMMM.

Mercy Me left LOTS to be desired. They sang a new song called One Trick Pony. Enough said. Although I will say that Bart did the usual mid concert preachy thing most Christian artists
do, and blew me away. It was like he had some raw crap in his chest he was waiting to get rid of. He brought it.

Today was unbelievable. I’ve never been a huge Chris Tomlin dude. Check out Soulcast 10 to find out what I mean. But today the man led me to the throne. He was ON his game. And he can flat out just WRITE. His choruses and verses are mastery. What a stud. So today Chris Tomlin took a huge step in the right direction for me. Thanks Chris.
But the highlight of the entire conference had to be Louie’s talk today. Not just because he is Louie. Louiegiglio270x193p2
But something else happened today. Like something prophetic. The stuff he was saying was annointed. Every breath that he whisperred was a breath of God. He sent us off on a journey. A journey to find the true meaning of worship. Not a “style”. Not a “song”. But to feed the widows and clothe the orphans. He slammed every coinage “worship” has ever recived. From”traditional” to “emergent”. God might soon be done with our songs. He is waiting for action in our lives. Kicked my tail.
So there is a mini recap. It was all I imagined. Thanks Saddleback for letting me give my 2 cents worth.
Now 5 hours till Latin America invades my front yard. Come find a treasure manana and help me get my kid.