Not PenisMom, dad, brother, and myself. That’s what I knew. 3 penises and one not a penis. My whole life has been safe from not penises. But in a single moment today, I realized I am greatly out numbered. All in the blink of an eye. I walked out of the bathroom while Heather was stepping into the shower. 1. I rounded the corner down the hall and there was Sohaila. In the bathroom, bent over like a weeping willow, wiping the reminints of what was left on her tush with scientific precision. 2. At this point I was pretty shook up. So I walked into the living room and Seanna was watching Strawberry Shortcake one her back, through her sky high legs with her 2 year old not a penis aimed at the heavens. 3.
At this point I had to sit down. I had a mini panic attack picturing Heather at 40, Sohaila at 17, and Seanna at 15. All looking at me like I can’t possibly understand them. Since I have a penis.
Ragamuffins. Tell me I’ll survive.