Picture 2-1None of us in full or part time ministry could survive without them. I am going to start a mini bio, love on somebody, section of this blog to an amazing volunteer.
Today it is Isaac Nesmith.
Isaac is Production Director at Sandals Church. He plays drums for the Carlos Whittaker Band. He recently stopped playing drums on Sunday mornings to help us all day with production. Here is the deal. Isaac loves playing drums. He is awesome. But someone showed up with some MAD skillz. Isaac came TO ME and knew a change needed to be made. Did you hear me? No Divas here. So we found that his tech and anal life management skills could be used to run the machine known as Sunday Services. And he kicks ass at it. Isaac is one of my best friends and he is amazing at being able to separate work from play. Although we seem to play hard as we work. Isaac has single handily changed the attitude and professionalism of Sundays for 2000 or so people at Sandals Church. His impact will reach eternal proportions. Thanks Isaac for being the picture of what it means to serve the Bride.