One day he will see the light…
OK. You guys came through like champs. Another reason I love blogging. I don’t have to research anymore. We do it for each other. You just blog about it and opinions flow. Take your wonderful input on a point and shoot camera…
A year ago I would have spent 4 hours perusing through epinions.com only to come out more confused than I was before. Then I would have driven to Wolf Camera and asked some super camera geek which point and shoot camera he recommends. Only to be given an answer I don’t understand. Then I would have driven to Best Buy and gazed at the little silver boxes for another hour staring at my Blackberry screen trying to navigate through 20 HTML pages of camera reviews only to give in to the 17 year old sales dude’s recommendation as to the “top seller”.
No. No. No. Gone are those days. I don’t have that sort of time anymore. Now I turn to you. This community of Ragamuffins is doing all that for each other. I post. Tally the vote. Drive to Circuit City. (’cause ordering online takes too long) and buy that bad boy. I know Dustin, Eric, Daniel, ect. have already done the homework. Why not abuse the relationship? Eric even talked me through it while I was at Circuit City. Had my redneck brutha on the phone while I read him the camera specs. He was online helping me out.
So then… The winner is…
The Cannon PowerShot SD600 ELPH

Photo 58Photo 57
This thing kicks some serious tail. I have only had it for a few days and am not sure how I managed without a camera in my pocket at all times. I have morphed into annoying camera in his pocket all the time guy. I love the new me.
This camera is tiny. Which is great… For most people. Like my boy E says, If I had to keep my ***** in my pocket I’d probably lose it. Figure it out.
Back to the camera. The settings are pretty easy to understand. It takes some great movies too. I have NEVER been one for digital still cameras taking movies. But this one has a great frame rate and they look and sound clean.
The screen on the back is bigger than my iPod video screen. It is dope. And the pictures. Oh the pictures. I have uploaded some I took today. Remember I am not a photographer. I uploaded the full 1.somethingMB versions of each photo so you can see the clarity. I still don’t think that is the highest setting because some pics are 2.4ish. Click on each pic to get the big momma.

So THANK YOU friends. You have guided this fool to the promised land. I couldn’t be happier.
Big or Little. $$$$$ or $. What is your camera of choice?

Img 0089
Img 0094-1
Img 0070