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Img 0122Oh, to see the world through the eyes of a child.
“Mommy, look!” My daughter is too young to get tact. She gasped these words while pointing at Tom’s hand. Or lack thereof. I guess this was the first dude she had seen sporting only one hand. So Heather did the right mommy thing. And this was not scolding So for pointing. She said, “I wonder what happened to his hand? Maybe we should ask him?” So HEather walked over to Tom while my biscuit heads eyes were WIDE open. “Mr. Tom. Sohaila and Seanna would like to know where your hand is.” Tom’s face lit up. He got down on one knee.Img 0120“Hey girls. God made me special. He gave me a left hand but not a right one. But I do have a wrist.”
At this point he bent his nub. I must admit it was cool.
“He made me this way to show people that we are all different and it is ok to be different. Would you like to touch my wrist?”
Cautiously, ever so cautiously, they both touched it.
“I NEED A PEN!!!” Tom screamed. He had lost his cute talking to kid tone. Someone threw over a bic.
“Watch this. God made it to where I can make my hand look like a duck.” Tom proceeds to draw 2 eyes and a mouth on hisImg 0124hand. (I have switched to calling it a hand instead of a nub. Nub sounds so non P.C.) And you know what. Dudes hand looked just like a duck.
Thanks Tom for showing my kids it’s OK to be different.