Tonight I led worship at SCA (Sandals College Authority). Someone once asked me, “Isn’t your whole church a college church?”. Um. No. Maybe 5 years ago. But now we have our own college group with their own worship band and D-groups. It is awesome. Anyways. I don’t get to lead worship in smaller venues very often. I know that sound so rock star. But we have so many gifted worship leaders in our church now, I don’t have to do much leading worship outside of Sunday Services. Tonight I got to lead 50 or so college students after they got done talking about Sex for an hour. I don’t know if they were just really horny or really into worship. Maybe both. But they came along on the journey of healing as we waded through songs. We ended with Reflection and it was nice just pulling it acoustic and hearing a group I have not taught the song to, already know it. So thanks to The PRD for inviting the old man to come lead. You really know your sex talk well. I wish I had you around when I was 19 and chasing boobies.