God above all the world in motion.
God above all my hopes and fears.
I don’t care what the world throws at me now.
It’s gonna be alright.

Cause I know my God saved the day
And I know His word never fails
And I know my God made a way for me
Salvation is here

I shout these words LOUD many Sundays. Pumping my freaking fist like I will die for these words. Then I have one super stressed out day and I am running around like Chicken Little screaming “The sky is falling!” Sometimes I am amazed at my own hypocrisy. It’s been one of those days when you lay down at 1 AM and you feel like a 300 pound giant is stepping on your chest. People say leading worship happens on Sunday. No. Right now. Right now is when leading worship happens or not. I have an opportunity. I just have to wake up and claim it. “I don’t care what the world throws at me now?” Really? Really? Careful what we say while worshipping huh? He might just call our bluff. Just ask my boy Derek. Reading his last 2 posts makes the giant on my chest feel like a gnat.

Salvation is here D.