So the wireless connection here at the fancy Marriot Shadow Ridge has been down for 2 days.  I called the front desk last night and the cute lady told me that she “thinks the fires might have burned down the internet around here.”  I smiled and told her she might be right.  So since the fires you have been seeing on CNN have burnt down the internet in Palm Springs I have been forced to type this blog from my dads Dell Latitude D610.  It brings me back to my days of drivers and msconfig.  He is smiling ear to ear and rubbing it in my face.  He’s got this verizon wireless cell national broadband access card for moments like this.  I guess I could connect it to my Mac but I will amuse him.  Hey.  It’s fun to take a ride in a ’57 Chevy every once in a while, right?  Big post manana.  I’ll need the weekend Ragamuffins to show up.  Big question for ya.