1. J Rocka deep in thought. The web development meeting at Chick-fil-A turned quickly from due dates, to just dates. Like, what should he do on a first date? Just look at the wonder in his eyes. Line up ladies.
2. I finally convinced him the Chick-fil-A cow would make a great date. She says nothing. Gives high fives ALL the time. And pays for all your Chick-fil-A. They make a cute couple.
3. Derek and I had an hour or so of talking and singing. Went through “Salvation is Here”. He played me some MAD tunz on his guitar. Then we talked about the can of whoop ass he has opened up on Cancer. ONE MORE TREATMENT D!!! You can do it!!!
4. 4 Whittakers. FedEx Kinkos. Getting ready to go get Losiah. Had to snap some new passport pics. WE ARE COMING SON!!!

Those were some moments in mi dia. Just a really good day. You know. Like a In’N’Out burger on your grill 10 seconds after you get it. That kind of day.

If you move like a jellyfish rhythm don’t mean nothin’,
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