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So when I woke up this morning I could not wait to get to church. I know I did not feel it last night. But that was before Summer called and told me that the youth camp bus was broken down and our kids / youth worship leader was not going to make it back for Sunday morning. I had a few worship leaders that could have pulled it off, but no. I wanted to do it. It seemed to be the perfect fit for my bad attitude. So at 9 and 11 this morning I led our 1st through 6th graders in worship. Then at 11:50 I led the youth. It was AMAZING.
Sometimes when you are getting stale in your worship leading. Go lead some kids in worship. Ground yourself. And see worship through a child’s eyes. It was awesome. They did not hold back. And the youth. I made all the cool cell phone texters put their phones away. I MADE them all come to the front of the stage, then I MADE them all jump with me as we screamed “Let the Praises Ring!!!” I think they were a bit shocked that the “big church” guy was in their cave but they went with me. Then tonight I led at the adult (college) evening service. Perfect way to end the night.
Although I still feel weird singing “Take Take Take it all!!!” for the offering song.
How was your Sunday?