Ok Ragamuffins. Blog guru Randy Elrod accepted my challenge last week about us trying to “catch” him in the Technorati rankings. Brother now has 189. Read his battle cry here. And his other one here. Well. We won’t go down without a battle. I am asking once again for you to spread the “Link Love”. Get all your friends to link to Ragamuffin Soul and I will link back. Just let me know. Let’s go catch the old man!!! 😉 West Siiiiiide!!! Represent!!!

Img 6535 Img 6534

P.S. Don’t mind the smiley face thingy at the end of the post. I know that is so 1994 but when I get really excited I tend to stick those in. Let’s go get him.
Oh. And look at these 2 pics. In the first we are showing the link love. But look at his eyes in that second one. He is really out for blood. Don’t let that jolly laugh fool you!!!