Picture 3-1

As I peered over the top of this news rag I saw the hustle and bustle of Pasadena on the brim of a weekend night. The crowd was getting bigger and people from all walks of life would soon fill the sidewalks. Fat People. Gay People. Not Gay People. Black People. Jewish People. Ho People. Player People. Muslim People. Rich People. Illegal People. Tourist People.
I love being immersed in such a brew of mixed up people. That is one of the things I love about living in So Cal. The culture reeks of authenticity. Take this news rag for instance. The top left story line was an article on “Girls Gone Border Patrol” About teenagers helping in tracking down illegals. On the same page rests an article on why straight men have a hidden desire to be gay. Not for the sex. But for the lifestyle of freedom. Why would I read such basura? Because our world is falling faster than I can sing. And there is no place better to be surrounded by them than So Cal. I still cling to my redneck roots, but I am proud to be an Angelino. Well. I guess more a Riversidino. 50 milesino from Angelino.
What do you LOVE about where you live?