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I just got done watching the Immigration episode of 30 Days on my iPod. The show is based off of Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me concept. But in this FX series he throws himself into a lifestyle for 30 days and sees what he can learn from it. I feel the show does a good job at showing both sides of issues but it is extremely politically charged. My parents watched some of the episode tonight and were here for only seconds before they started yelling at the screen. It was pretty funny.
Some of the major issues that Morgan is dealing with.

  1. Immigration
  2. Gay Rights
  3. Abortion
  4. Outsourcing of American Jobs
  5. Race
  6. Minimum Wage
  7. Muslims in America

I love the way he pulls them off. You get pulled along a journey of education while not knowing where you will land on an issue. So I started thinking. How much do I really pay attention to this stuff? Some people bank their entire lives on the politics of hot buttons. Or politics alone. The church within politics is a hot button all it’s own. Do these or other political topics ruffle your feathers and why? Or why not?
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