I Know My Sheep Lawrence LAh Christians. Don’t you just love the way we turn the knife while we pray for their suffering to end? I’m speaking of ourselves vs. ourselves. The body of Christ thinking that somehow we should be able to tell another “brother or sister” in the Lord that they suck in many ways, shapes, and forms, all the while using words like “grace”, and “peace”, and “blessings”, to ease the blunt force of our statement. You know. That gaussian blur faith. Like this pic.
I obviously got one of these notes from someone tonight. Ripping me down for 2 paragraphs and then ending it with a “You are blessed and I will pray for you daily”. Here’s the kicker. Then I responded with 2 lines and “Grace and Peace” at the end. What a load of crap.
The truth is I felt like calling up and telling them every thing I had ever done on their behalf. Arguing my defense. Letting them know the last 2 months of my life have been hell. I have not even called my own dad for the love.
Sometimes I would rather we cut the fluff and just go at it. How’s that for a reality show? “Christians Being REAL” Tonight at 8.
I think I would have rather gotten…
“Carlos, you suck at loving me. You suck at acknowledging me. So I am done with you and your attempt at community…Go sleep on that fool.”
That way I could at least not have had to read between the lines. And my response should have been…”Yea. Sorry” But no. When push comes to shove I suck at this being real thing and our church suffers because of it. So. Where do we go from here?
How can we confront in love without the fluffy crap. And without being a-holes. Because it nauseates me.