When I started a year ago there was one blog I read everyday to get a feel of how to do this thing called blogging. It was Shlog. Shaun Groves’ blog. The community there is amazing. I was just checking and have realized that the community here at Ragamuffin Soul rivals that of any other blog out there. We really do this thing well together. I am trying to catch one of the blog giants.

Picture 2-2
Shaun is ranked 15,193 at Technorati.
Picture 1-1
I am ranked 16,247 at Technorati. We are only seperated by 9 blog links. No competition here. Well at least he doesn’t know it or care. But I am just proud of our little place here.
So let’s go get him. 9 more links. If you visit, please link here. I will spread the link love back.
Now let’s go kick some blog arse.
Randy, your next. 😉
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