It’s so close. He’s so far. My computer screen is littered with all my fingerprints just trying to see if I can touch him. When we got his picture it became real. Legit. I have a son. He’s just waiting for us. So this weekend we are having our BRING HIM HOME fundraising party. We all know the truth. 22k is a bit outta reach. But we are trusting. To date we have 7k. We are looking for some answers soon to some grants we have applied for. But every dollar counts. So we have no shame in our game as we reach out to friends and family for support. We know not everyone is in a position to finacially support this cause. So no pressure. I will have a babysitting signup list next week.
None the less. I am adding a sidebar donation link. You can donate there if you feel led. As well. I am including 2 banner images that you can stick on your blogs, myspace’s, posts, sidebars, foreheads. Wherever. Just link them back here.

Losiah Adoption Fund Losiah Adoption Fundbk

You can keep up with the latest haps on our almost 2 year journey at the Bring Him Home blog.
Thanks guys for letting me post this. I always feel weird doing this kind of stuff. But we are familia. Si? Spread the word on your blogs if you feel it.
Los Sr.