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Here we are. The entire Sandals Church Staff. It is amazing what pictures do. Look how nice and soft the focus is. They speak volumes about so little. We all look so perfect and shiny. Well at least Tammy does. Kind of like blogs. We can decorate them with makeup and nice lenses and a shaved head, only show our readers what we “think” they want to see. But let’s look closer at the picture. I see some paxil. I see some huge fights. I see ego. I see pride. I see imitation. I see a wannabe. I see a butt kisser. I see a coward. I see a fake tan.

But more than anything I see a group of people willing to be all these things IN FRONT of their congregation so Authenticity is no longer a choice. It just happens.
Let’s take our blogs to another level.
There is nothing wrong with this picture. But it is one moment. I KNOW OUR LIVES DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS EVERYDAY.
Just a nugget for your evening.
What do you REALLY look like?