Our current sermon series at Sandolas is entitled Reflection. We have this huge painting of Jesus hanging behind us every week. It is pretty sick. Props to Lindy. Anyways. To those of you less privy to common sense out there, the series is focusing on reflecting the image of Christ in our lives by having a servants heart and serving the church. Actually. There is no way you could have derived that from just the title. So sorry if I insulted you by the common sense thing.
It has been a LOOOOOONG series. Maybe too long. But our church is changed because of it. This song was written for the series. I don’t do it for every series. But this one was so long I had to. Just kidding. It just felt right. You know I am not much for pimping my stuff. There are way better worship leaders, singers, and songwriters out there. But if you and your church can be encouraged to serve the Bride by a little melody. Sing away. My gift to you. This was recorded in like 30 minutes in Garage Band.
Have I not said it enough? Buy a Mac.

[audio:reflection.mp3] Direct mp3 download
Direct Microsoft Word chord chart and lyrics download
Direct music video of me with no shirt and a classical guitar singing Reflection download.
Video of the whole band playing it (Fast Forward to like 5:15)

Let my mind be the same as that of Christ Jesus who made
Himself nothing for me.
Make me humble, obedient, desperate for truth, Lord in spite
of who I am.

In the morning my lifesong will rise
In the evening I come
Lord to love You, through serving Your bride
Show me Christ, in my, reflection
*(Show me Christ in me – when repeated)

At your name, knees will bow in heaven and earth, every
tongue will confess You are Lord.
As I work out salvation, with fear and through trembling, in
search of who I am

Reach to the Fatherless, Give to the poor, Feed those who
hunger, Lord show me more
Of who I am in You, and how to recieve, Christ in Me
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