70457-176Everybody needs counseling. Really. We all do. The attitude of the church today is that counseling is only an option when your life sucks. When it hits the fan. Just my opinions.
Here at Sandals we are quickly trying to bash that myth. Every Thursday I go see Bobbie. Bobbie has kept me in check during a pretty stressful time in my life. She has also kept my marriage in check when it SUCKED and when we were the freaking Cleavers. Helping H and I develop tools that will continue to benefit our marriage through the years. We will go see Bobbie for as long as we are in this So Cal. In the good times and bad. I will continue to see Bobbie in the good times and bad. I pay Bobbie at the end of every session. And I walk out richer. I know that some people can develop unhealthy dependance on counselors, but when used correctly, Christian counseling is beneficial for ALL of us. And if you are thinking that you are the one exception…You probably need it worse than I. Alledgedly.
So. What are your views of Christian Counseling? A Must. An Option. A Waste? All your opinions are valued. You have heard mine.
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