Sometimes So Cal can get to you. The traffic. The smog. The boob jobs. The drivers. The Lakers. The vatos. The pace. Then I have a night like tonight. When I realize, if it were not for my smoggy, traffic, bad drivin, boob jobin, Laker lovin, location, I would not have been able to see UNITED. Yea baby. Last night I drove 50 miles to see United. REJECTED. Tonight I drive 10 minutes. Floor, 2 jr. highers away from the stage. UNITED.
Yea. I love So Cal (today).
United freaking brought the Euro mullet revolution STRONG. It was their last show in the states so they went nuts. Words cannot adequately describe the Spirit in the room. It was thick all night. almost 4 Hours!!! I NEEDED TONIGHT BAD. Just sitting back and being led by the best worship band on the planet. Look for the video manana.
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From top left: KissKillMe, Mello Mood, A Little Touch of Sunshine, I Like Old People, Ascribe Meaning, Ragamuffin Soul (I now only call people by their blog names. I think I am sick.) / My wristband that placed me smack dab in the middle of a couple hundred Jr. highers (God Bless you DB) / Espanol? / Anointing Oil (From the local hotel maybe?) / United lead guitar pedal board / Horrible shot of United.

The STAND was the big hit for me tonight. What’s your favorite United tune?