Can I correct a viewpoint of a conversation? Maybe not. But I was told tonight that the conversation I had about the book was not as I had remembered. That the word juvenile was never used and that actually they said they liked the book.
So in trying to set things right I adjust my earlier comment about them not liking the book.
Isn’t it amazing how 2 people can remember conversations completely differently? Neal brought up the point that when you are on the bottom end of a conversation you remember things much brighter than they were.
A nice way of saying that I obviously got my feelings hurt and had a distorted perception of reality. 🙂 For this reason I love Neal. He may be one of the “smart” pastors, but he makes me feel smart too.
So do we do that? Is it just me? Am I schitzo for remembering conversations differently? It definitely shows that even authenticity is sometimes tainted.