Picture 4-3

So yesterday I was having lunch with one of my pastor coworkers and we got into books. He is very opinionated when it comes to reading. Which is good. Yet we do disagree on “good reading”. He reminded me yesterday of his great disdain for Blue Like Jazz which is definitely in my top 3 books I have ever read. He says the book is a bit juvenile. Suddenly I felt juvenile. Should I not like that book? Probably not. I should read books with bigger words!
Nah. I still love the book. I love his writing. But I bring this up because I tend to run in “Donald Miller Fan Club” circles. Another pastor is also a critic of the book. When discussing Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell, I was greeted with the same sort of disdain.
So I got thinking AGAIN today. The 2 “Smart Pastors” don’t like my reads. I am not a fan of theirs either. But I also can’t read Greek.
I would say that Rob Bell and Donald Miller are similar in form. Not content. But I am finding a rather large circle of Miller and Bell haters. Where do you fall? Have you read either? Do you have cheeks as round as Miller? Let us know.