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I have friends. Lot’s of them. Lot’s of people round these parts love me. I love them back. But they have only had a few years of me to deal with. Some peeps have been dealing with my lazy ass for a looooong time. This guy has been dealing with me for about 30 years. Dude. That is a long time. Hailing from back in the ATL, Inman Houston shares the record with Sully of knowing me the longest and still making time for me. He pulled a “Los” and called me today saying, “Hey Los. I’m in Pasadena. Wanna hang out?”. We laughed at it later realizing that it would have been more of a true “Los” had it been immediately followed by, “And by the way. Can you come pick me up. And can I borrow some money for dinner, and can I crash on your sofa.”. Yea. I’m that dude.
So what a great night we had in my new casa eating fish tacos and reminiscing. It’s good to remember.
Houston lives in New Orleans and is an Associate Pastor at First Baptist New Orleans where he basically runs the entire church/community rebuilding effort for FBC and the Katrina ravaged city. A great night with a great friend.
Anyone else have that friend that has been around since preschool?