ExpoSo whenever you go to these conferences they usually give you a large bag at the beginning of the event. By the end of the conference it is full of the most useless things that end up littering your workspace for weeks to come. (Except for the re:create conference. There you end up with a huge box full of AMAZING tools). So as I was piddling through my bag of goodies tonight I found some stuff that will actually be useful for me and any other aspiring podcasters out there. Here are a few from the image to the left.
1. wordcast.audible.com – These guys get it. If you are already a fan of audible.com then you know that them stepping into the podcast world will only do us well.
2. switchpod.com – These guys are giving LibSyn a run for their money. They have a free hosting plan. FREE. Might I add with unlimited bandwidth.
3. ETCHamac – The name says it. They etch some AMAZING designs onto the titanium Macs.
4. blip.tv – These guys are WAY ahead of the game when it comes to feeding videocasts to the world. I’m thinking FatRagamuffin will be my test with them.
5. Podcast Pickle – THE place to get your podcast heard.
6. Zoom H4 – THE only field recorder worth getting. This thing does it all. I will be picking one up soon.
7. Audio Hijack – With Audio Hijack, you can quickly and easily save audio from almost any application to an AIFF file. ANYTHING that plays audio on your Mac.
8. Jelly Cell Mate – It’s a piece of rubber with a cool name. People will buy anything. I did.

So there are some of the cool products from today. LOTS of pioneers around. This medium is so early that they could do this every month and thousands of changes will be made. One more day manana.
Thanks for enduring my geek post.