Meetme150X150NonanimatedSo I love the look in my wife’s eyes as I tell her in no less than 5000 words how excited I am about the conference I will be attending the next 2 days. I assume all the rolling of her eyeballs is her way of telling me that she is as excited as I. If you are a podcaster, this is the event for you.
The Podcast and Portable Media Expo.
Most of you know I am the host of The Ragamuffin Soulcast. I am uploading Soulcast 15 right now and have some opportunity to possibly do some consulting with some higher ups in the industry. So I am going armed with my Macbook Pro and microphone.
So be ready for some pretty geeky posts the next 2 days.
I will be one of the few Christian podcasters there. Pray I make some good connections. I am having lunch with Adam from The MacCast along with 12 other Mac Cast listeners manana. I was able to jump in last minute when the lunch moved from the Ontario Hooters to Fat Burger. It’s all about the wings.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS 1: 9:00am – 9:25am (open to all attendees)
Podcasting’s Terrible Twos: Setting The Agenda For The Next Two Years
Speaker: Leo Laporte: Author, Host, G4TechTV Host and Tech Host on KFI AM640
Location: Ballroom C

Yea baby. Let’s begin talking RSS and feeds.